Couple Vacancies

Domestic Couple/Single ~ St Tropez

Our client is seeking either a full-time housekeeper with a partner happy to work part time at weekends to provide maintenance/driver etc - or alternatively the client can consider a full-time couple if one of the couple is able to provide good garden maintenance and pool care as well as maintenance/driving skills. The property is still under full renovation which will be completed January ’22.

This employer lives in Monaco and generally at weekends will use their other rural property which is closer to Monaco. The St Tropez property has 5/6 bedrooms and a garden of approx. 4000m2. When the employers are in residence it will usually only be for long weekends, arriving on a Friday morning and leaving the following Monday. They will not use the property in July and August however it may be rented occasionally in the high season months at which time working hours will remain the same for the housekeeper/couple as extra staff, chefs, servers, housekeepers etc will be employed.

Duties will include:

  • Housekeeping

  • Shopping/Errands

  • Light family cooking

  • Table setting and service

  • Laundry and Ironing

  • Simple property maintenance

  • Garden and pool maintenance

  • Driving

Candidates must speak a good level of English and French, have a clean driving license and able to work autonomously year-round. A two bedroom gardien apartment, attached to the main house, is offered as accommodation.

Salary: TBD

Start date: January ‘22

Domestic Couple ~ Grimaud POSITION NOW FILLED

An experienced domestic couple are required to care for a luxury 5 bedroom villa close to Grimaud. The owners, who live in Zurich and London are in residence approximately 10 weeks per year in high season. These older British clients would like to find a mature, independent couple who have a good knowledge of the region to care for the property. A gardening company is contracted twice per week and extra housekeeping and service staff are employed usually from May to September. Household linens are sent to the local laundry and delivered weekly.

Madame prefers to prepare most of the family meals herself and generally only requires some assistance in the kitchen, possibly setting up of the BBQ, laying the table, clearing and washing up. One of the couple might occasionally be asked to prepare a buffet lunch if guests are invited at which time simple Mediterranean cuisine and salads will be what is required. In the evenings they frequently eat out locally.


  • Housekeeping

  • Occasional cooking

  • Contractor management

  • Driving

  • Light garden and fountain maintenance

  • Pool maintenance

  • Property maintenance

The garden is approximately 5000m2 and the swimming pool is 15 x 10. Accommodation of a two bedroom cottage with a small private garden on the grounds is offered as accommodation plus a staff car is provided for local usage. Both of the couple must speak English and at least one of the couple must speak reasonable French.

Salary: €5knet pm negotiable (CDI)

Start date: Dec ‘21


Please note: Applicants for positions based in France MUST have a current working visa/carte de sejour or be the holder of an EU passport

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