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CV Advice

CVs must be sent to us via our onsite form or as an email attachment to - please do not send as a downloadable file as it will not be processed by us - and it must be in either a WORD or PDF format; other formats will be automatically rejected.


CV presentation truly counts! The most important tool at your disposal when applying for a new position, a well-written, professionally presented CV will significantly increase your chances of securing the all-important face-to-face interview with a prospective employer.


During our many years of placing candidates in private service, we have frequently seen excellent applicants miss the opportunity of interviewing with the client due to a CV that was either poorly presented or lacked vital information.


Candidates should bear in mind that an employer will be looking at anything from 15 to 30 CVs for a single position. Time and time again, it is the candidate whose CV stands out above the others that is chosen for interview.


The most common mistake we see is the way a career history is displayed. A basic list of employment dates and job titles rarely persuades a client to interview the candidate – details are needed - however another common error is when a cv has several pages of unnecessary detail! A balance must be found and a cv showing 20-25 years of experience should be no longer than 3 pages in length





Clients are far more interested in the recent employment history than what the candidate was doing in 1995 – hence the requirement for a chronological CV format listing the most recent employment first.

To this effect, more detail should be provided for recent roles than for earlier roles – not forgetting to place focus on achievements whenever possible.


Your CV should be in English and should start with an introduction paragraph of 5-6 lines that summarises your professional experience, key strengths and character traits, thus providing the client with an immediate overview of who you are and what you have to offer.


A head and shoulders photo positioned in the top section of your CV is required for private service. As one of the most important elements of your CV in providing the first impression, it needs to be recent in portraying you accurately, and appropriate in attire in presenting you for private service.


Although there are many basic CV templates available to download on the internet, we are yet to see one that we feel is satisfactory. Whenever possible, we highly recommend using a professional CV writer as an invaluable investment in your career and future.


Over the years we have found that by far the most professional and well-presented cvs we receive from our candidates have been completed by qualified cv writers.

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CV Profile Examples

"Highly accomplished, productive and discerning Estate Manager reputed for professional excellence, decisive leadership and business acumen in executing the overall management of multiple properties. Firm management enhanced by deep understanding of all household functions and world class service expertise acquired during early career leadership roles within Michelin-starred restaurants. "





"Refined, diplomatic and structured Personal Assistant esteemed as a trusted confidant for personal integrity, excellence in interpersonal communications, and knowledge of etiquette and protocol. Combines high-tech savvy with finance and accounting skills and experience in buying and selling high-value assets. Possesses in-depth knowledge of London and Paris and a wide network of select purveyors. "

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